Using Serial Keys in the BigChange App

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The first time you open the BigChange App, you will be prompted to enter a serial key. This is a one-time entry and will tie the app to your company instance of BigChange. To find a serial key to activate the app, please contact your System Administrator.

Finding Serial Keys in BigChange

Your System Administrator can find the serial key by following these steps:
1. Select the profile icon from the top menu.
2. Select to "Admin Settings"
3. Go to "Account" in the the side menu
4. Select "App Serial Keys"

Entering the Serial Key into the BigChange App

Each app user must be given their own key, and it must be typed in full, including the dash. Once completed, you will then be prompted to enter your driver ID.

After entering the serial key, you will need to enter a driver ID. This ID will be supplied to you by your System Administrator.

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