Picking Up Job Stock in the BigChange App

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Picking up job stock efficiently is crucial for completing jobs successfully. This guide will help you pick up and confirm job stock using the BigChange App.

Viewing Job Stock Details for Today's Jobs on the BigChange App

From the stock screen, select "Today's Job Stock"

  1. Job Information displays which job the stock is for.
  2. Quantity Required shows the quantity of stock required.
  3. Stock Description provides the stock description and barcode number of the stock item.
  4. Stock Status shows the status of the stock. If you have not yet confirmed the stock, it will say "To Be Confirmed"
  5. Pickup Location details where to pick up the stock from.
  6. Confirm Pickup button enables you to confirm the pickup of stock.
  7. Cancel Stock button allows you to cancel stock, which is useful if the incorrect part was assigned to the job.

Confirming Stock Pickup on the BigChange App

If you are at the location to pick up the stock, select the "Confirm" button from the "Today's Job Stock" screen.
Confirm your quantity and select "OK"

The status will now be in black and say "Confirmed", the confirm button will turn green. The Van Stock will also update to reflect this change.



By following these steps, you can efficiently pick up and confirm job stock in the BigChange App.

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