Creating New Stock Items on the BigChange App

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This article will talk you through the steps to add new items of Stock or Equipment using the BigChange App when required, e.g. after purchasing a required item from a shop or wholesaler.

You can only create non-consumable stock items from the tablet devices. Devices cannot be used to create consumable items, if you want to create a consumable item, you will need to log in to your site from a computer.

From the Stock screen, Select "Create New Item"


A "Create new item" screen will now have opened:


You will first need to decide whether the item is "Stock" or "Equipment".

Next, select a "Category" from the pre-defined list (created by your System Administrators/Web Users).


Then begin to search the "Make" and "Model"


If the item already exists, you can select it from the drop-down list. This will open the fields for you to confirm, and fill out, before selecting Save.

If the item does not show in the list, you can select the "+" button next to the item, and then fill out the fields as before, and then Save.


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