Creating a Purchase Order

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Purchase Orders can be created in a number of ways within BigChange, in this article, we will walk through how to create a purchase order through the CRM and populate the relevant fields within purchase orders. 

Creating a Purchase Order in the CRM

Navigate to CRM [top menu] → Financial documents [side menu] → New financial document [icon]

  1. Select to add a financial line item either:
    • Manually
    • Through a predefined item setup in the admin settings.
    • As an item of stock or equipment added in the admin settings.


Entering Purchase Order Details

  1. Enter the Contact that the Purchase Order requires to be created against
  2. Set the Document Type to Purchase Order
  3. Enter the Series if required. If Series have been set up in the admin settings, they will appear as a drop-down option within the Purchase order
  4. Select the Template to be used for the Purchase Order
  5. Enter a numbered Reference. This can be kept blank if you have enabled automatic referencing to generate a number for you
  6. Enter the Supplier, usually the contact within your CRM that will be supplying the stock items inputted within your Purchase order
  7. Enter the Delivery site (if required). This will allow you to transfer the stock from the Supplier onto the contact of the Delivery site through the Purchase Order
  8. Enter the First line of correspondence (if required). This will appear within the Supplier Address if using our standard template
  9. Enter notes to client (if required). These notes will appear below the financial line items when using our standard template
  10. Enter an Internal note (if required). When assigning the Purchase Order to a job, you can transfer the note to client into the job description if needed
  11. Add a Recurrence to the Purchase Order (if required). This will automatically generate Purchase Orders against the same contact for you, depending on the parameters you provide within the recurrence
  12. Select Save.


You can find your newly created Purchase Order in your list of financial documents where you can access and make amendments when required.

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