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This article provides a guide on how to use AnyDesk and Microsoft Teams which are remote access control and or screen sharing applications BigChange uses for customer support when required.

It outlines step-by-step procedures for each application, enabling users to either share their screen and or remotely access and control other computers effectively and efficiently.





Please carefully review this disclaimer prior to initiating a screen-sharing session via AnyDesk or Microsoft Meeting with BigChange Support.

  • Be advised that this screen-sharing session will be recorded. The recording may be utilised internally at BigChange for the purposes of investigating your request more thoroughly and enhancing the quality of our services.
  • Should you opt to share any personal, sensitive, or confidential information during the course of this session, please be aware that the responsibility for doing so lies with you and it is shared at your own risk.
  • You retain the ability to pause or terminate the screen-sharing session at any point to prevent the sharing of information.

If you have any queries regarding your options or need clarification on this disclaimer, kindly inform the BigChange Support representative prior to proceeding.




Download AnyDesk: Click Here

Note: AnyDesk requires both parties to have the application installed on their machines.


1. Open AnyDesk on your machine.

2. Provide 'Your Address' to the member of the BigChange Support team.


3. When the connection window prompt pops up, press 'Accept' to allow BigChange to remote onto your machine.


Minimum system requirements:



Microsoft Teams


Note: BigChange Support will create a Teams meeting for you to attend.


1. You will receive a Microsoft Teams meeting invite via email from the BigChange Support team member.

2. Press on 'Join the meeting now'.



3. Your meeting will either open in Teams (if the Microsoft Teams application is present on your machine) or you will be shown the following web page:


  • Press 'Open' if you have Microsoft Teams on your device.
  • Press 'Continue on this browser' if you do not have Microsoft Teams on your device.


4. Microsoft Teams will open the meeting in your browser where you can share your screen with BigChange Support.


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