Unscheduled jobs Created in the Booking Site by your Customers

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This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to manage unscheduled jobs created by contacts in the Booking Site. Understanding how to locate, view, and schedule these jobs is crucial for efficient workflow management.

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Locating Unscheduled Jobs

In BigChange, any new jobs received from contacts using the booking site will appear in the Schedule side menu, under 'Unscheduled Jobs'.


Booking site 1.png

Viewing Job Details

Once the job has been located in the list of unscheduled jobs, select the job, followed by "View" to see the job details.  Any constraints will appear beneath the job in orange with an appropriate icon.

Scheduling Unscheduled Jobs

The job can be allocated and scheduled as usual, either through dragging and dropping onto the Schedule, or by viewing and editing. Once it has been added to the Schedule, the job is outlined in red.

Sending Job Confirmation to the Customer

Select the Job and then "Send confirmation".


A confirmation email will now open, containing the job information. Amend any details, as needed e.g., change the Subject, and select "Send" to send it to the customer. Please note, the email has an appointment attachment, enabling the customer to add it directly into their calendar.


A popup will also be displayed confirming it has been sent to the customer.