Setting up a New Job Alert for Booking Site

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to set up new job alerts in BigChange. This feature is crucial for ensuring that relevant personnel are promptly informed whenever a new job is created from the Booking Site, enhancing efficiency and response times.

Creating an Alert and Setting the Parameters

To begin setting up a new job alert, select "Alerts" from the top menu, followed by "Create a new alert".

(1) In the 'Who' field, set it to "Any Job"

(2) In the 'What' field, set it to 'Has its client status changed to', select  "select status" and choose "Booking made" 


Choosing the Recipients and Delivery Method

In the "Send to'" field, select one or more recipients (3) and the method by which you wish them to receive an alert. These can be added dynamically by typing and then selecting from the drop-down list, or you can add them manually.

Customising the Alert Message

Customising the alert message will vary, depending on the delivery method for the alert.

If a message is displayed, this can edited (5), The blue boxes represents keywords, and will be replaced in the actual message with your own information.

If a template is being used, you can opt to send it with a default message displayed, or use a pre-created template to which you have attributed an Alert usage (6).

After saving, an Alert will now be sent to the named recipients, whenever a new job is raised via the Booking Site.