Default Job Description

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For frequently used Job Types, it may be useful to create 'Default job details'.  

This function operates in the same way as the 'Note to Client' feature in Financial Documents, allowing you to automatically add detailed information about this Job Type, instead of having to input it manually each time. 


Setting Up A Default Job Description

Begin in the back office:

  • Navigate to:[Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin Settings → Manage Job Types Select a job typeEdit:


Go to the field ‘Default Job Details’ outlined above and input the appropriate text which you wish to appear whenever this Job Type is used.

Decide whether you wish this text to replace other Job details, to prepend (appear before) other job details, or append (appear after) existing job details. 

The text itself and its position can both be amended at any time by an Administrator:

21.png In the above example, we are editing the ‘Installation’ Job Type and have opted to 'Replace job details'.  

Once this is completed, press 'Save' and return to the front end.

Create a Job using your preferred method and select a Job Type for which you have created Job details in the back office.

You will now see that the preset Job details have appeared.  Where additional information specific to this Job has been input and you selected either the append or prepend option in the back office, then the Job details text will appear in the appropriate position alongside it.