Additional Actions from the List View

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The column of checkboxes to the right of jobs allow you to carry out further actions.  When the checkbox of one or more jobs is ticked, an additional icon will appear both beneath the displayed page of jobs and at the bottom of the filter list, which will enable those additional functions.  You will notice that the number of selected jobs is also displayed next to the icon:

6. Job Scheduling (including Group Jobs or Job Groups).png

When the Select all checkbox is ticked, you will be asked if you wish to include all the filtered jobs or just the ones on the current page:

7. Job Scheduling (including Group Jobs or Job Groups).png


  • Whilst editing jobs, a prompt will now display the number of jobs sites which those jobs relate to.
  • When reassigning jobs the user can now clear the date field, ensuring that the date/time doesn’t change from when originally created.  A display will show ‘the jobs will be reassigned with the previous date/time being used’.
  • The 'Edit Pricing' feature appears on both multiple jobs and on contracts.  This allows users to add, edit or replace line items on the selected jobs.