Job Confirmation Email

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Once a job has been created and appears on the schedule, in most instances you will then wish to confirm the appointment with the customer. 


This can be achieved as follows:

1. Select the relevant job you wish to confirm on the Schedule

2. Select "Send Confirmation" from the popup window:


3. A new window will now open, allowing you to fully customise the confirmation email being sent. The system will automatically default to a job confirmation template but you can manually amend the email or choose a different template if you prefer. 

Similarly, the contact’s email address will auto-populate with that of the contact's Primary Person but you can add in other persons from the contact should you wish to, or even cc in other email addresses:


4. You can also opt to include a tracking link so that the customer can track the resource en route to the job.  This is done by clicking on the Keywords icon, then the Jobs tab and selecting the Keyword Tracking link:


5. As shown below, the confirmation email received by the customer includes a link (1) which will allow them to confirm the job time/date as well as any additional notes they may wish to add.

The email also includes a calendar attachment (2), which allows the customer to automatically add the appointment to their Outlook calendar:

68.png The email received by the customer


The opened calendar invitation (2) 

6. The customer will now confirm via the link: 70.png The opened customer's confirmation link (1)


Once the customer has clicked 'confirm'

7. Now that the job has been confirmed, two things will happen: a) The resource allocated to the job will receive an email advising them that the job has now been confirmed by the customer. b) The job will now appear with a green outline on your schedule (prior to being confirmed, it has a red outline).


Job prior to confirmation73.png

Job once it has been confirmed