Making Changes to Jobs

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Removing a Job from the Group

NB If you would like to remove a job from the group without deleting it at any stage, this is easily achievable:



Editing the Job Site and Adding Stops

On occasion, you may need to change the Job site for a specific job but not for the customer in general.  You might also need to add Stops in on the way, eg to pick up some parts for the job.

  1. Select the Job and Click View
  2. Select the 3 line (burger) menu to the right of the Job Site field
  3. Choose to change the Stop duration and/or the address. The Address can be changed manually by selecting 'Address' or by changing the 'Contact' if the new Job site is already in your CRM.
  4. Click to Save.
  5. The order of waypoints (stops) can be altered by clicking on the 3 line (burger) menu and selecting 'Move up'.



Duplicate a cancelled job

It is possible to duplicate a cancelled job from the job list in order to recreate a brand-new job with the same details. To duplicate a cancelled job:

  • Navigate to: ScheduleDisplayList[filter] Job StatusCancelled →  select jobDuplicate