Additional Places to Create Jobs

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As mentioned in the overview, there are a number of other places (outside of the Schedule tab) where Jobs can be created.  Here are the most popular alternatives:

1. Creating a Job in CRM

Jobs can be added in CRM by either:

  • Navigating: CRMContact nameNew job 


  • CRMContact nameEditJobs tab'+' New job


Since the CRM contains your JobWatch address book,  it auto-populates the Contact's details on the New Job form.

2. Creating a job in Maps

Jobs can be created in Maps by:

  • Navigating: MapSearch boxContactContact name/AddressNew Job/Quick Job:

 If you select 'Contact Name' JobWatch pulls all the information for that contact from your CRM and automatically populates your Job form. Where you have selected 'Address' it fills in the address on the Quick Job form.

3. Creating a job in Search Anything Box

The Search Anything Box can be found at the top right of the screen. Jobs can be easily added from here as follows:

  1. Type in the contact name
  2. Press return
  3. Click on New Job



4. Creating a job in Stock & Equipment

It is possible to create a new job by clicking on a piece of equipment.

  • Navigate: Stock & EquipmentEquipmentSelect equipmentNew job: