Job Rates - How are they calculated

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Where can I setup Job Rates

When creating a Job Type, it is possible to set some Job type specific financial information which is automatically associated with this job type.  This can include rates and invoice line items, which are default to the invoice. For example, a Call out might have a specific callout charge and a specific rate for the time of date or day of the week. This kind of granular approach to finances allows you complete control over your job margins, allowing you to set these not only for job types but customers.

  • To do this Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon) > Admin settings > [Side menu] Schedule > Job types.

You will find rates under the financial tab on every job type. Here you can setup specific financials for the type of job.



Selling price
Job type fixed price + (Job type hourly rate x Job duration)

Cost price
Resource hourly rate x Job duration


Travel line item:

Selling price = (Driving hourly rate x Travel time) + (Driving rate per mile x No. of miles)

Cost price = (Resource hourly rate x Travel time) + (Vehicle cost per mile x No. of miles)



  • Driving hourly rate = job type rate field
  • Driving rate per mile = job type rate field
  • Vehicle cost per mile = field within vehicle used on the job
  • Resource hourly rate = field within resource profile
  • Job type fixed price/Hourly rate = job type rate fields
  • Job duration (Actual) = Start time to Completion time
  • Travel time (Actual) = On The Way time to Start time
  • No. of miles (Actual) = distance travelled between selecting On The Way and Start Job


Please note: the durations & distances will be planned OR actual; the durations can also be rounded up or down by a designated no. of minutes - both options can be set in: Job type > Financial tab > Rates.