Job categories

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Job categories within JobWatch are a great way of not only being able to group together unscheduled jobs, but allow you to run a report against jobs that have been allocated to that category.

For example, you may want to have a job category called ‘Sales’, this job category would ‘folder’ jobs such as ‘Sales Appointment’, ‘Sales Webinar’, ‘Sales Phone Call’.

In the unscheduled list, you can see how many ‘Sales’ related activities have yet to be booked, run a report on all sales ‘jobs’ or, just a single sale job type.


Creating a Job Category

To create a Job Category:

  • Navigate to:[Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin Settings → [side menu]Schedule Job categories.

Click 'Add' to create a new category or click on an existing one to edit it:


If you have clicked 'Add' the following popup window will have opened:


Name your Job Category and then tick the appropriate checkboxes depending on whether this will be an option for individual Jobs, Group Jobs, or both. Once you have filled this out, click Ok to save.

If you now Navigate to:ScheduleUnscheduled Jobs you will see that our new category, 'Customer Visits' is now visible, as well as appearing as a field in Job forms:

2. Jobs.PNG


Please note that the 'Hide All' button which is outlined above collapses the category name display into headings for easier viewing.