Automatic Referencing

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Once you have clicked Save when creating your Job Type, you will be asked whether you want to set up Automatic Referencing.

It is important that jobs have unique references, as if multiple items in the system have the same job reference, it will be very difficult to differentiate between them when searching.


If you click Yes you will be taken to the below dialogue box.


The Reference Prefix is to be used to determine a reference relating the this particular type of Job Type. For instance, an installation Job Type could be prefixed “INS/”, or you could have the prefix the same for all job types based on your company name, such as “BIG/”.

The Format is the same as that used in Excel, therefore if the prefix is to have a 6-digit number after it, you would need to put “000000” in the Format box. For example, if the format is blank, the first INS will be INS/1. If 000000 is used as a format, this would become INS/000001.

The Next Number is to determine the next number to be used when creating this type of job. In the example above, the first time a Job of this type is created, the numbering will start at 34, because the next number is set to 34, not 1. The reason for this is that you have so far created 33 jobs within JobWatch. By default the job numbers increase regardless of job type.

Once you have filled this out, click Save. If you wish to remove the Automatic Referencing from a Job Type, simply open it and click Delete.

  • Note – If you have already created the Job Type, you can click on the Job Type from the list, this will give the option to configure the Automatic Referencing. This will affect future references only, not past ones.