Job constraints

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To set a constraint navigate:

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings [Quick links menu] → Manage job typesAdd/EditConstraints tab:

In order to ensure that you only send the correct person or vehicle to a job, you can set up constraints to alert you should you accidentally schedule it to the wrong person. For example, you can add a skills-based constraint to ensure that only qualified technicians are sent to a job, or that only those who are assigned a vehicle with a tow bar can attend.

To do this, when creating or editing the Job Type, click on the Constraints tab at the top and select the type of constraint:


There are three types of constraint available; Time, Resource (shown above) and Vehicle. You can choose any or all of the constraints available, and have multiple constraints of the same type. To add a Time constraint, click on the icon for Time.


The top set of options allow you to specify whether a job must be started before or after a certain time or completed before a certain time. Whilst the bottom allows you to set the condition of the constraint.

Click Ok when you have created your constraint.

When selecting either the Resource or Vehicle constraint, you will be provided with the option to select a Group of resources or vehicles who are allowed to be assigned the job, the specific Resource or Vehicle which must be used, or the Skill or Attribute which you can use.

For example, an out of hours job could have the Constraints set to a resource who has the “Out of Hours” skill, a vehicle which has a specific attribute needed to complete the job (e.g. tow bar), and it must be completed within 2 hours.

If you attempt to create a job which does not meet these requirements, you will be alerted by the system that the resource or vehicle does not meet the criteria, or that the job falls outside of the desired time for this type of job. This can still be overridden though. Don’t forget, you can also create an alert to be notified prior to a skill expiring of one of your resources.