Job Alerts

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BigChange Job Management System allows web users to set up job alerts based on specific job results.

This feature enables real-time communication and response, enhancing efficiency and productivity. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to configure these alerts.


Configuring Job Alerts

BigChange's job alerts can be triggered by various events, such as job completion, delay, or assignment. Here's how to set them up:

  • Navigate to [Top menu] 'Alerts'.
  • Select 'Create a new alert'.
  • In the 1. Select an alert when: 'Who' field, select the job type you want to set an alert for.
  • In the 1. Select an alert when: 'What' field, select 'Has a status changed to  (x) with the result (x)

job alert 1.png


Other Job based alert options

Who options

You can choose a number of different job options you can select from in the 1. Select an alert when 'Who' drop down list. Such as a specific Job Type or Resource Group.
job alert 3.png


What options

Not only can you setup alerts based off job status results you can also setup a number of different types of job alerts.

1. Select an alert when 'What' drop down list.

  • Has its status changed to (x)
  • Has a client status changed to (x)
  • Is scheduled to start in (x) hours. If a job is rescheuled (x)
  • Is unscheduled and due to start in (x)
  • Has its resource reassigned to (x)


Setting up job alerts based on job results in BigChange allows for real-time communication and response, improving efficiency and productivity. By refining alerts using results as triggers, you can ensure you're only notified of the events that matter most to you. Don't forget, you can also set up multiple triggers for a single job type, providing a more comprehensive alert system. Start setting up your job alerts today to make the most of BigChange's features.