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Assigning Assistants to a Job

  • Updated

When a Job requires more than one Resource, additional Resources may be assigned to the Job as assistants.

Create and complete a Job form as usual, or click view to edit one which has already been created.  Once you complete the Resource field, an additional option 'select assistants' will appear below it:



Click on this and a popup window will open displaying available Resources:


Click on the '+' sign next to a Resource name in order to add them to the Job. They will then appear in the left-hand column. Once saved, you will see that the assistant names now appear under the Resource field:


On the Schedule view, the Job appears in bold for the main Resource and in a faded version for assistants: 9.png

There is now an improved interface when selecting assistants for jobs, which also makes it easier to view at a glance who has been selected. 

You can now easily search for a resource by name in the search box. To select assistants for jobs, navigate to the Schedule tab and either click to edit an existing job or click to add a new job. 

Once the job’s pop-up is open and a resource has been added for the job, the option to select assistants will then appear.  Click on ‘select assistant’ and a pop-up will appear allowing you to easily search and select resources to be assistants for the job. 

As you select resources (by clicking on the +) they will appear on the left-hand side. You can easily click on the X to delete them if required.