No Touch Signature on jobs

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Instead of handing over their device or obtaining no signature confirmation at all, with NoTouch signature capture, the mobile worker simply shares the signature capture link which the recipient can receive via email, WhatsApp, SMS or whatever app they use.

This allows sign-off remotely and will also be useful more generally where customers are not normally on site, such as installations, deliveries and services work at unmanned or remote sites.

For a demonstration as to how this feature works along with settings which are configurable please view the video below. To use this feature, please ensure you are running JobWatch version 5.10.1 on your Android device. For iOS users, an updated version of JobWatch will be available shortly.

Customers can create their own template for No-Touch Signature capture, as shown in the example below and then select NoTouch signature capture confirmation in Usage:



Only one template can be assigned to this Type at any given time.  The template will be optimised for display on a Users screen.  Where no Template has been added, the standard message will be displayed to customers.