Job cards

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A job card is the physical representation of the job information and worksheet answers. If you would like to add your logo to your Job Card, this can be done as follows:

  • Navigate to:[Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin Settings → [Quick links] General Account Settings Account Details and add a URL of the desired quality and dimensions in the relevant field shown below:


Go the Schedule, and find a job that has been created. Depending on the amount of work, and the status of the job, the amount of information on the Job Card will vary. For example, if the job has not been started yet, the start and finish times will not be populated.

Click on the Job, and then click Job card.


The Job Card for this job will now have opened:

30.png The right of the screen displays a preview of the job card itself, where the left displays the Content Filters which will allow you to edit what is displayed to the customer.

All of the filters allow the option to Hide the field from the job.

  • The Job Duration will allow you to display the Actual or Planned duration for the Job.
  • The Driving Duration and Distance Travelled allows you to display the figure, or double it.

This is particularly useful to calculate the return journey is the job was completed before the driver returned to base.

The bottom of the screen gives several different options which can be used to send the Job Cards. The Word and PDF options allow you to download versions of the Job Card in these formats, which can be forwarded via Outlook or other email systems. The Email option will allow you to send an in-system email to the customer, which will also keep a copy of the email on the “Messages” section of the job.


Driving After Jobs

If the job type is configured to allow the resource to record driving duration after job completion, this duration can be included on the JobCard by selecting the parameter:


It will exclude by default.