Calculate Driving After Job

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There may be occasions when you wish to include the cost of the driving time after a job to the total cost of the job itself, for example you may wish to charge the cost of driving from the customer's premises back to Head Office. Providing that you have a version of the app newer than V.659 this can be done as follows:

  1. Create or edit a Job Type. Navigate to:[Top menu] Profile (icon) Admin Settings [side menu] ScheduleYou can now choose to either Add a new job type or edit an existing one.
  2. Once the desired Job type is open, click on the Device tab as seen in the example below. If you tick the checkbox against 'Resources can record driving duration after job completion' this will then add an additional checkbox option below it entitled 'Resources can change the time when recording driving duration'. Both of these should be ticked and then saved.

79.png 3.  Now move on to the financial tab and add some rates, then click Ok to save: 80.png It will now look like this: 81.png 4. Now set up a job as usual. Once the job has been carried out the resource's device will display the following option "Do you wish to start recording your driving time from this job to your next location?": 82.png 5.  If the resource now clicks on 'Yes', the device will display as shown below: 83.png 6.  When the resource arrives at their destination they should now click to reopen the job.  They will now be able to click on one of the two tabs outlined below which will give them the option of cancelling the previous instruction or end their journey: 84.png Clicking on the second option, 'End driving job' will bring up the message below: 85.png 7.   The device screen will now show a calendar, then a clock to confirm the date and time of completion: 86.png87.png 8.  The Travel costs will now have been added to your Financial tab for the job as a line item. Please note this includes both travel to and travel from the job (if applicable):