Templates for Alerts, Financial Descriptions

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**Please note that Email templates cannot be altered here. 

To create Email templates:

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings Account → template OR [Quick links menu] template

For further information on this, please also read the separate articles on our Microsoft Word Add-in and Templates. This tab allows you to set up or modify your

(1) Alert and

(2) Financial Description templates:


  1. Alert message: If you have chosen to send an alert to a customer as the resource approaches the job (e.g. they are 15 miles away), this is where you can personalise the outgoing message through a combination of free text and keywords. Keywords include: company name, (estimated) time of arrival at job, resource name and/or registration plate details of the resource’s vehicle.
  2. Financial description: The ‘Financial description’ box allows you to edit what information will be included in the ‘Description’ box on the financial tab of a job (see screenshot below for reminder). This line information is displayed on any financial documents created for the job: