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Importing and exporting jobs

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Importing information is a quick and easy method of moving data from one place to another but we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to be sure that everything has worked as expected or to understand what to do if something has gone wrong.

To help with this, we have developed an Import hub, a central place where you can perform imports, download templates and filter by stage or success. 

The hub can be found by navigating:

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)  Admin Settings → [side menu] Forms → Imports or select it from the Quick links menu
Importing Jobs 1.png


Using Imports

You will see that there are a number of filter options that allow you to find exactly the information you are looking for against every import. 

Importing Jobs 2.png
 To perform an import, simply go to your selection and either click 'Import' or 'Download template.' 
The template download is there to assist you as it provides a helpful guide to information required for a successful import. Please note that custom fields are not included in the template.
Importing Jobs 3.png
 Once the template has been downloaded, open it
Importing Jobs 4.png
 and press the 'Enable Editing' button.
Importing Jobs 5.png
 Hovering over each column will tell you whether its data is required, optional or conditional for the import.
Importing Jobs 6.png
Importing Jobs 7.png
Importing Jobs 8.png
 Once you have familiarised yourself with the requirements for each column, you can delete the line of sample data and add your own. When your data is ready to import, click on the relevant Import button
Importing Jobs 9.png
You can now choose a blueprint if desired and then select either 'Import file' if you are confident that all of the data is correct, or 'Validate data only' if you would like to test that the data is in the correct format prior to importing it. Then select your file to begin.
Importing Jobs 10.png
 If you have selected Validate Data only, you will see the message
Importing Jobs 11.png
 If you have selected 'Import file', you will see the message
Importing Jobs 12.png
 and receive an email summary of the import.
If you are trying to upload a file that has already been imported, a warning notification will appear to prevent accidental duplication
Importing Jobs 13.png
 You will be able to see the results of imports clearly displayed within the hub, allowing you to rectify any errors that have been identified.
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