Contact Filters and Email Features in the CRM

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This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to effectively use contact filters and email features in the CRM. Understanding these features will help you streamline your contact management and improve your communication efficiency.

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Using Contact Filters

The BigChange CRM allows you to filter your contacts by name or address, making it easier to locate specific contacts. You can also filter by group by selecting the desired options from the drop-down menu. Additionally, you can decide whether sub-contacts (parents, children, grandchildren) are to be included or excluded from your search.

You can also "Add a filter" which uses any Contact Custom Fields you have added to your contacts.

Please note, Contact Custom Fields are added from within the Admin settings of BigChange.

Sending Emails to Filtered Contacts

BigChange allows you to send an email to all of the Contacts in the filtered selection.  If no filter is used, the email will go to all Contacts, however, if you have filtered the contacts, the email will only be sent to those that satisfy your filter choices.

Importing and Exporting Contact Data

By selecting "Import" you can import both Contacts and Contact Rates to your CRM.

Please note, imports require the data to be in an excel file. An Excel template for Contact Rates can be downloaded from this article.

By selecting "Export", you can export contact data from your CRM, including:

  • Contacts
  • Contact job groups
  • Contact job group rates
  • Contact predefined invoice item price list
  • Contact stock item price list

After selecting the relevant contact data to export, you will be prompted to specify any relevant Blueprint to use as part of export, confirm the email address you wish the export to be sent to, and select the format of export file (CSV or XLSX).

Editing Contact Information

To edit a contact, simply select the relevant Contact and then 'Edit'.


Understanding and utilising the contact filters and email features in the CRM can significantly improve your contact management and communication efficiency. 


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