Contact Groups

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Contact groups are used for organizing contacts/customers within your system. Their complexity can range from basic divisions like 'Customer' and 'Site', to more detailed categorizations such as 'Customers - Commercial' or 'Sites - Yorkshire', depending on your needs.

Every new contact is required to be assigned to a contact group, ensuring immediate categorizations for all your customer base. This feature also aids in analytics and reporting, allowing you to break down reports by contact group. This can offer valuable insights into different customer segments, helping you strategize effectively.

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Creating Contact groups

To create contact groups, navigate to the top menu and select Profile (icon) → Admin Settings → Contacts & Notes → Contact groups → Add

contactgroup1.png                    Add contact group.png

Filtering contact groups

Using contact groups is a great way to filter down your customers for exports or sending out mass targeted emails. For further detail, refer to our article: Contact Filters and Email Features in the CRM