Utilising Contact Custom Fields

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This article provides a guide on how to effectively use custom fields in the CRM feature. Contact custom fields allows you to tailor your CRM package to your specific needs, enhancing both data management and operational efficiency.

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Creating Contact Custom Fields

To add a Contact Custom Field, navigate to the Profile icon → Admin Settings→ Contacts & Notes → Contact Custom Fields → Contact group drop down.


The detail tab is initially blank, providing you with an opportunity to add your own Custom Fields - as many or as few as you wish.


contact front page.png

Contact Custom Field Settings

When creating questions, remember to appropriately check the boxes asking whether or not you wish the question to be mandatory, and if you wish the answers to be visible (and response enabled) from tablet devices. Once listed, questions can be dragged and dropped to rearrange the order; you can go back and add to/edit/delete them at any time.

Copying Custom Fields to a New Group

In some scenarios, you may wish to add the same custom field to multiple contact groups.

This can be done by selecting “copy list too”, followed by the contact group, and then selecting Ok.

Should you copy the custom fields from one group to another, any pre-existing custom fields in the group you are copy the fields to, will be deleted and replaced. 

Before you complete the copying of custom fields, you will receive an on-screen warning reminding you of this.

Deleteing a custom field

Deleting a custom field in BigChange is a permanent action and cannot be undone. All the data associated with that field will be lost. Therefore, it's crucial to double-check and confirm that the data in the field is no longer required before proceeding with deletion. 

The system will provide an on-screen warning asking are 'Are you sure you want to delete this custom field?' before the deletion process is completed to remind you of this.


Filtering using Contact Custom Fields

Custom fields can also be used as additional filters, allowing you to search for entries within your CRM that have text against a specific custom field. Navigate to: CRM → Contacts → Add a filter.





The detail tab in a contact's CRM profile offers a customisable space for adding custom fields, allowing you to tailor the CRM. This feature is beneficial for collecting and managing information that is vital to both back office and remote workers. Additionally, custom fields serve as an extra layer of filtering, enabling a more precise search within your CRM by focusing on specific text entries. This flexibility and customisation make the CRM system a powerful tool, enhancing both data management and operational efficiency.