How to Export a Persons List

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to export a persons list from BigChange. 


Exporting the Persons List

To export the person list from a contact, follow these steps:

1. Navigate: CRM [top menu] → Contacts [side menu] → Persons [tab] → filter selection → Export.
2. Confirm the email address the export is to be sent to.
3. Choose any blueprint to be used.
4. Select the export format (CSV or XLSX).

Please note, It is recommended as best practice that all Contacts within BigChange should be given a unique reference number.  Before attempting to export your Contacts data, you should always ensure that reference numbers are allocated to each Contact, to avoid errors or duplication when re-importing data. This reference field is located in the general tab of a contact.


Accessing the Persons List Export

To access the person export, select the relevant CSV or XLSX file from your browser downloads.

Formatting Phone Numbers in Excel

If your phone numbers have been stored in BigChange with the prefix '+', e.g. +44, then Excel may treat them as a formula.


To rectify this:

1. Select the column header which will highlight the entire column.
2. Right-click and select 'Format Cells' from the list.
3. Select Number and then set the Decimal places to 0.
4. The spreadsheet will now display the numbers correctly.

Using Person Filters

You may wish to use the person filters before generating an export. The export will only contain the entries displayed in the filtered list view displayed on-screen.


Selecting Persons for Mailing Lists

When sending emails to recipients at a Contact, you can select multiple Persons at a time, without having to include all Persons. To do this:

1. Navigate to CRM [top menu] → Contacts [side menu] → Persons [tab] → select the contact → Email [icon]→ Persons [link]
2. Hold down either the ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Cmd’ key on your keyboard, whilst selecting the relevant Persons.
3. When all persons have been selected, select ‘Send to chosen’.

person 1.png



Exporting the person list from BigChange is a straightforward process that can help you manage your persons data more efficiently. Remember to format your phone numbers correctly in Excel, and use the person filters to refine your export.