Merge Duplicate Contacts in the CRM

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to merge duplicate CRM contacts. This process is crucial to maintain clean and accurate data in your system.


Accessing the Entity Data Fix Option

To access the Entity Data Fix option, navigate to the top menu and select the Profile (icon) → Admin Settings → General Account Settings (under Quick Links menu) → Entity Data Fix (side menu). In this section, you will find an additional type labelled 'All Contact Entities'.


Selecting the Duplicate and Original Contacts

In this step, you will see two reference fields: "Contact Reference To Take Items From" and "Contact Reference To Move Items To". Choose the CRM contact that will be absorbed and removed (duplicate) and the one that will remain (original). Select the eye symbol next to each reference to open and confirm that each contact is correct.

Choosing the Sub-Entities to be Moved

Next, select which of the different sub-entities you wish to be moved. These could include jobs, financial documents (including contracts and sales opportunities), notes, attachments, mail, persons, stock/equipment.

Confirming the Merge Action

Once you have made your selections, a popup will appear asking for final confirmation of the actions you have selected: "Items listed above will be moved from {Duplicated Contact Name} to {Original Contact Name}. Do you wish to continue?"

Please note, that the duplicate Contact will not be automatically deleted. This allows users to check that the information has been copied successfully. When contacts are merged, the changes to each individual item will be logged in the user events.


Merging duplicate CRM contacts in BigChange is a straightforward process that helps maintain clean and accurate data. By following these steps, you can easily consolidate information and avoid data duplication.