Setting Up and Using Person Flags

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This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to set up and use person flags within BigChange. Person flags are a powerful feature that allows you to categorise and target specific individuals within your customer base, making it easier to send relevant documents and communications.


Creating and Labelling Person Flags

To create a Person Flag, follow these steps:

Navigate to: Profile (icon)→ Admin Settings → Contacts & Notes → Person flags → Add


Label the flag appropriately to represent the role or category of the person.

Assigning Flags to a Person

To assign a flag to a person, follow these steps:

Navigate to: CRM → Contacts → Search for/add a new contact → Persons → Edit → Flag drop down box.
Select the appropriate flag from the drop-down box.


Using Person Flags within Automatic Document Sending

Person flags can also be used to automate the sending of documents to specific individuals. This can be done by:

Navigating to Profile (icon)→ Admin Settings → Schedule → Job types → Edit job type → Documents tab → Add
Select the appropriate flag from the drop-down box.
This feature allows you to have full control over who is receiving the required documents for all of your customers.



The use of person flags in your CRM contacts is an invaluable tool for targeted communication and automation. It enables you to categorise your contact persons based on specific roles, making it easier to send out targeted emails. Moreover, it facilitates the automation of documents like job cards for individuals with specific flags. This feature not only enhances efficiency but also ensures precision in your CRM processes.