Understanding the BigChange CRM - Video Tutorials

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This article provides a comprehensive video tutorial library of the various features of BigChange's Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is designed to help users understand and utilise the software's functionalities effectively.


CRM - Contact

Contact Approaches Credit Limit Alert


Contact Expiry Date


Person Custom Fields


Contact Person Import


Default Job Contacts & Secondary Persons


Job Group Templates & Contact Group Templates


Note Flag Column In Contact


CRM - Financial

Alert - Quote Expiry


Setup & Syncing


Syncing Invoices, Credit Notes & Purchase Orders


Contact Approaches Credit Limit Alert






On Time Payment & Quote Acceptance Alert


Payment Overdue Notification


Predefined Invoice Items With Linked Worksheets


Quote Acceptance


Rates Across Multiple Time Periods


Sales Opportunities


Recurrence Patterns


CRM - Notes



Notes Part 1: Configuring Notes


Notes Part 2: Creating Notes


Notes Part 3: Daily Note Workflows, Alerts & Reports


Add Attachment Links To Note Dialogue


Duplicate Notes


Out Of Office System


Outlook Add-In


Real-Time Note Comment


Live Tutorials



CRM Notes