Creating Note Workflows

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Note Workflows are very similar to Job Worksheets and can be attached to a Note to provide more detailed information, including questions with conditional branching responses. Workflows differ from Custom Fields in that the latter are always displayed and static and associated with a specific Note type.

Does your navigation menu bar look like this? 

Read our Support article about changes we are making, New BigChange Navigation Bar – BigChange

To begin:

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings[side menu] → Contacts & notes → Note workflows

and then (1) either choose a Group/All to apply it to from the dropdown menu or select ‘Add’ to create a new one.  If you have a large number of options you can use the Search box to find the desired Group:

Notes - 10.png

(2) Add as many questions as required and link them through conditional branching where appropriate. As with Jobs WorkSheets, the same Workflow can be attributed to more than one Note type and you can select the method of response you are expecting eg date, text;  whether the question is mandatory; whether the question should be pulled through to the standard note card; specifying default & at-risk answers and so on.

Begin by completing the Workflow popup which will now have opened:

Notes - 11.png

  1. Name the Workflow
  2. Attribute it to a Group
  3. Decide when a Web User needs to complete the Workflow eg ‘before completing’
  4. Decide when it needs to be completed on the Booking Site eg a customer could fill out a survey Workflow as a Booking Site User after being prompted by an email Template automatically sent upon Note completion by a Web User

Then begin adding questions, ensuring that you have selected the answer type appropriate to the question you have asked:

Notes - 12.png

Once completed and saved, you have 4 options when clicking to View:

Notes - 13.png

  1. Duplicate – make an exact copy of the Workflow
  2. Lock – lock the Workflow so that only the user who locked it can make the changes
  3. Edit – add/amend questions in the Workflow
  4. Delete – Delete the Workflow.
  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings [side menu] → Contacts &  notes → Note types, you can select a Note Type(s) and attribute your new Workflow to it. Your Workflow will now appear by default whenever that Note Type is used:

Notes - 14.png

Notes - 15.png

You can view the Workflow you created in the Workflow tab of your Note:

Notes - 16.png


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