Note Progress

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to track the progress of a Note in BigChange. Understanding how to monitor the progress of a Note is crucial for effective project management and ensuring tasks are completed in a timely manner.


Adding Progress Points to a Note

When creating a Note, the default progress is set at 0%. However, users can manually adjust the completion level by dragging the scale across with the cursor. This can be done at any point, including upon creation of the Note.

To add a progress point, select on the "Add" button, from within a Note, on the right-hand side of the "Progress" field. A popup window will appear, where you can complete the fields, and set the new completion level. Select "Save" to confirm the changes.

Notes - 55.png

Viewing the Progress Graph

Once more than one completion point has been added, a progress graph will appear. This graph provides a visual representation of the Note's progress over time.

Notes - 56.png

Accessing the Progress Summary

By selecting the progress graph, a popup window will display a summary of progress points for the Note. This summary provides a detailed overview of the Note's progression.

Notes - 57.png

Locating the Progress Column in the List View

The 'Progress' column can also be found in the list view. This allows users to quickly view the progress of multiple Notes at a glance.

Note progess 1.png


Tracking the progress of a Note in BigChange is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance project management efficiency. By regularly updating and reviewing the progress of a Note, users can ensure tasks are being completed as planned.