Note Flags

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This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to use Note Flags in BigChange. Note Flags are a powerful tool that can help streamline your workflow.

Note Flags can be created and labelled to represent different stages in a process or to indicate the status of a Note.

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Creating and labelling Note Flags

To create a Note Flag, navigate to: Profile (icon)→ Admin Settings → Contacts & Notes → Note Flags, click on 'Add', then choose a name and colour for your flag. Grouping certain flags together with a prefix can help organise your workflow. For example,  ‘CS1 – Initial Call’; ‘CS2 – Spec In Prog’; ‘CS3 – With Cust’; ‘CS4 – Awaiting PO’; ‘CS5 – Ordered’:

Notes - 27.png

Notes - 28.png

Assigning Flags to a Note

Flags can be assigned to a Note at any point in the Note's life. To assign a flag, navigate to: CRM → Notes → Edit/New note → Note Flags. Here, you can also add any additional comments to the flag using the 'Comment' field.

Notes - 29.png

Viewing and Managing Flag History

Once a Flag has been added to a Note, it will appear next to the Note in the list view in CRM. Hovering over the flag will display a description of the flag's meaning. While only the most recent flag will appear in the list view, a complete flag history can be found in the Note flags tab. This tab also provides information regarding the Web User who added it with a date and time stamp.

To delete a flag, select the flag, followed by the delete option.

Filtering Notes Using Flags

Notes can be filtered using Flags from the left-hand menu when in the CRM. This feature allows you to quickly identify and manage Notes based on their assigned Flags.

Notes - 31.png


Note Flags in BigChange are a versatile tool that can significantly enhance your workflow management. By creating, assigning, and managing Flags, you can improve communication and streamline processes.