Duplicating Notes

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to duplicate notes in BigChange. This feature is particularly useful when the same actions need to be repeated or applied to another contact.


Locating the 'Duplicate' Button

After opening a note, you will find a 'Duplicate' button alongside 'Save', 'Note Card', and 'Close'.

Notes - 48.png

Understanding the 'Duplicate Note' Popup Options

Upon selecting the 'Duplicate' button, a popup titled 'Duplicate Note' will appear. This popup is similar to the one displayed when duplicating a job, and presents several options for you to choose from.

Notes - 49.png

Managing Parent/Child Relationships Between Notes

In the 'Duplicate Note' popup, you can decide on the parent/child relationship between the original and duplicate notes. This is done using the 'Parent of Duplicate Note' field, which offers the following options:

  • Original note
  • Original note’s parent (this option is disabled if the original note doesn’t have a parent)
  • None (if this option is selected, a conditional field titled 'Duplicate Note Becomes Parent of Original Note' will be displayed)

Notes - 50.png

Editing and Saving the Duplicate Note

After setting your preferences and saving, a duplicate note will be created. You can edit the contact name and person for your duplicate note before saving it.


Duplicating notes in BigChange is a straightforward process that can save you time and effort, especially when the same actions need to be repeated or applied to another contact. By understanding how to use the 'Duplicate' button, manage parent/child relationships, and edit and save your duplicate notes, you can make the most of this useful feature.