Real-Time Updates and Interaction in Notes

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This article provides an overview of real-time updates in Notes. This feature is particularly useful when multiple users are viewing or editing the same Note simultaneously, ensuring everyone is kept up-to-date with the latest changes.


User Activity Notification

Notes is designed to provide real-time updates when multiple users are viewing or editing the same Note. This means that any changes or additions to the Note are instantly visible to all users.

When a user is actively typing in the Note, a notification will appear indicating their activity, such as 'David Nathan is typing…'. This allows other users to know that updates are being made.




Automatic Display of New Comments

Once a user posts a new comment, it will automatically be displayed in the dialogue section of the Note. This ensures that all users viewing the Note are immediately aware of the new information.



Interaction with Other Users in Notes

The real-time updates feature also allows for interaction between users. If a user is inactive for more than 5 seconds, the notification indicating their activity will disappear. This helps to provide a clear indication of who is currently active in the Note.


Editing and Visibility of Content in Notes

The dialogue box in Notes is designed to extend as more content is added. This allows users to see more of what they have written, making it easier to edit and review their content as they write.



The real-time updates and interaction feature in Notes is a powerful tool for collaborative work. It ensures that all users are kept up-to-date with the latest changes and allows for effective interaction between users. Make the most of this feature to enhance your collaborative efforts in BigChange..