What is the Booking Site?

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This article aims to provide a understanding of the BigChange Booking Site, a client portal that allows customers to manage their tasks independently. The importance of this feature lies in its ability to enhance customer experience and streamline operations.

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Overview of the Booking Site

The Booking Site is a client portal where customers can login and perform a variety of tasks without assistance. These tasks include:

  • Booking jobs
  • Downloading job cards
  • Viewing job progress
  • Creating alerts

Key Features of the Booking Site

Booking Jobs

Customers can book jobs directly through the Booking Site. This feature allows for efficient scheduling and reduces the need for back-and-forth communication.

Downloading Job Cards

Job cards provide detailed information about a specific job. Customers can download these directly from the Booking Site, providing them with easy access to important job details.

Viewing Job Progress

The Booking Site allows customers to track the progress of their jobs. This feature enhances transparency and keeps customers informed about the status of their jobs.

Creating Alerts

Customers can set up alerts for specific events or milestones. This feature ensures that customers are promptly notified about important updates.

Customising User Access

The Booking Site allows for customisation of user access on an individual level. This means that you can tailor the level of access for each customer based on their specific needs. For example, you may want to restrict Person A's access to job cards, while allowing Person B to create jobs.


The BigChange Booking Site is a powerful tool that enhances customer experience by allowing them to manage tasks independently. By understanding its key features and how to customise user access, you can maximise its benefits and streamline your operations.