Using the Out of Office Feature

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This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to use the Out of Office feature in BigChange software. This feature is designed to enhance communication and task delegation within your team, especially when a team member is unavailable.


Accessing the Out of Office settings

In each user’s settings, there is a section entitled ‘Out of Office’. To access this, navigate to the profile icon from the top menu > Profile >  Out of Office [section].

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Configuring the Out of Office settings

Once you have navigated to the Out of Office section, you can enter the necessary information. This includes the start and end date of your absence, and an optional note. Once completed, the information automatically saves.

How the Out of Office Feature Works

When a user is tagged in a note, while their Out of Office is activated, a prompt will appear advising the note writer that the tagged user is out of office. This ensures that tasks are not delegated to unavailable team members, enhancing productivity and communication within your team.

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The Out of Office feature in BigChange is a valuable tool for improving team communication and task delegation. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effectively utilise this feature to ensure tasks are delegated to available team members.