Setting Up Your Default Booking Site

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This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to set up your Default Booking Site on BigChange.

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Default Booking Site Set-Up

To set up your default booking site, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Profile icon from the top menu → Admin Settings→ [Quick links menu] General Account Settings → [side menu] Booking Site.
  2. Fill in the necessary fields such as Web Address, Logo URL, Visible job types, Job list columns, and New Users.
  3. Select Save.

Default Booking Site Fields Explained


  1. Web Address - the details within this field represent the URL link you will provide to your customers in order for them to use the Booking Site.  The first part of this field (shown) contains details which are not editable but you should add the name which you wish your site to be known as directly after it, with no spaces.  For example, if my company name is 'Fast Repair', the  field would display as:
  2. Logo URL - here you may add a logo by inputting the image's URL.  Since this is the default version of the Booking Site, it is likely to be your own company logo.
  3. Visible job types - Select all or specific types of jobs to be viewable by default. For example, you may not want to include your own industry/business-specific categories eg team planning meeting or project briefing but do want to include things which may be more generically useful eg emergency callout, quick job.
  4. Job list columns - select some or all of the columns from the dropdown menu which you would like to display on the jobs list. The first 5 are selected by default but are editable if required.
  5. New Users - Check this box if you would like new customers to be able to sign up to the Booking Site without you manually intervening. BigChange will search your CRM to see whether the customer's email address already exists in your system. It is recommended that you control who has access to the booking site and that this option is left unchecked, which is the default position (shown above).

Once this is complete, it should look something like this:


For those who have ticked the New Users checkbox, additional fields will have appeared:

  • Contact group for new users - select which group new contacts are automatically created under eg Head Office, Wholesaler
  • New users' default rights - Select which of the available rights you want new booking site users to be given.  Remember: be selective here as people will be accessing this for themselves and you will not be involved in the process.
  • Jobs' time shown - This sets the parameters you wish to offer when people are using the booking site to book in jobs, ie. do you want them to be able to choose an exact time or date, or do you only want them to be able to express a preference for am/pm.


Setting up your Booking Site on BigChange is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance your customer's experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your Booking Site is set up to best serve your customers' needs.