Setting Up a Customer-Specific Booking Site

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to set up a customer-specific booking site on BigChange. This feature allows you to personalise the booking site for your customers, with their own logo and predefined invoice items, enhancing their user experience.

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Navigating to the Booking Site Tab

To begin setting up a customer-specific site, Select CRM from the top menu, select the relevant contact, then the "Booking Site" tab.


Booking Site Web Address and Logo URL

In the 'Web Address' field, add the name the customer wishes their site to be known as, directly after the non-editable part of the URL, with no spaces (1).

For example:

In the 'Logo URL' field, enter the image's URL to add a logo (2).


Visible Job Types in the Booking Site

Choose which types of jobs will be viewable on the site. You can select all or specific job types (3)

Visible Job List Columns in the Booking Site

From the drop-down menu, select the columns you would like to display on the jobs list. The first five are selected by default but can be edited if required (4).


Setting up a customer-specific booking site on BigChange allows for a more personalised customer experience.