Managing Job Confirmations in the Booking site

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to manage job confirmations for customers in Bookings Site. It covers how to send job details to customers, how customers can confirm jobs, and how to track these confirmations within the system, creating alerts to notify the relevant people of changes made to a job.

Sending Job Details to Customers

When a job is scheduled in BigChange, an email can be sent to the customer containing all the job details  This email also includes a link for the customer to confirm the job details accompanied by an appointment.ics file, enabling them to update their calendar.


Job Confirmation Process for Customers on the Booking Site

Once the customer receives the email, they can confirm the appointment by selecting the provided link. This will open a new window, where they can confirm the job, and add any necessary notes.




Please note, until a customer has confirmed a booking by selecting the link in the email, the job can still be edited or cancelled.  Any changes made to the job will update on your Schedule, in real time. Until it has been confirmed by the customer, the job will appear as "to be confirmed" in the list view.



After the job has been confirmed, the job outline on the Schedule will change from red to green.


If the relevant option was selected during setup, the customer will receive a notification when the resource is on the way to the job. It's important to note that until a customer has confirmed a booking by clicking on their link in the email, the job can still be edited or cancelled. Any changes made will show on the main site in real time.

Tracking Job Changes and Alerts

In BigChange, changes to Jobs can be tracked under the job's Activity tab in the Customer activity sub-menu. Alerts can also be set up to notify resources when these changes are made.

To create an Alert to notify resources (and others) when changes are made to a job, follow these steps:

  • Select "Alerts" from the top menu navigation bar.
  • Selected "Create a new alert".
  • Choose "Any Job" from the "Who" drop-down field.
  • Choose "Has its client status changed to Client observation" from the What drop-down field.#
  • Select the alert recipient(s) from the "Send to" field.
  • Review or edit the message that will be sent in the alert in the "Message" field.