Granting Persons Access to the Booking Site

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to grant a person access to the Booking Site in BigChange.


Granting Access to the Booking Site

To begin, navigate to CRM → [side menu] Contacts → [tab] Contacts → select contact → Edit → [tab] Persons. Here, you can add a new Person or select an existing one.


You will see a field entitled Booking site, with a check box field "Can access the booking site". If you leave this check box blank, the person will be unable to access the Booking Site. If you tick the check box, additional fields will appear.


Customising Access Rights

These additional fields allow you to customise the actions each Person will be allowed to undertake on the Booking Site. You can choose to give a Person full access rights or limit their access.


Understanding the Role of the Owner

Beneath the Booking site field, there is a field entitled Owner. The Owner is the user who has granted this Person permission to access the Booking Site. Notifications regarding jobs will be sent to the Owner's email address.

Sending Login Details to the Person

Once you have granted a Person access, an additional icon will appear labelled "Email password" when selecting a Person.  15.png

By selecting "Email Password", the Person will then receive an email with their login details and a link enabling them to create a password.16.png

The link in the email will take the person to a form to complete. Once a new password has been added and saved, a new popup will appear informing them they can now login to the Booking Site.



Granting access to the Booking Site in BigChange is a straightforward process that involves customising access rights, and sending login details to the Person. By following these steps, you can ensure that the right people have the right level of access to the Booking Site..