Using Search in the Booking Site

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This article aims to guide users on how to effectively use the search function in BigChange Booking Site. Understanding this feature is crucial as it allows users to quickly locate specific jobs, making the process more efficient.


Using the Search Function in the Booking Site

The search function in the Booking Site has three search fields:

  • Reference/Order number: This allows you to search by either reference or order number of jobs.
  • Location: This enables you to filter by location, which is particularly useful when dealing with parent and child sites.
  • Date: This allows you to search within specific date parameters and also to filter between planned, actual, or creation dates.


Using these fields, you will be able to find specific jobs quickly.


Accessing Job Card and Job Progress

After conducting a search, click on the job to open the Job Card and Job Progress. This is assuming you have the necessary access permissions.



Downloading a Job Card

To download a PDF of the Job Card, select the Job Card icon, located at the bottom right of the booking details.

Filtering Jobs in a Parent-Child Situation

In situations where there is a parent-child relationship with the Customer-specific Booking Site, jobs for both parent and child will be displayed. However, these can be filtered using the Location field.



The search function in the BigChange Booking Site is a tool that can significantly enhance your efficiency. By understanding how to use it effectively, you can quickly locate specific jobs, download job cards and view job progress,