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In this article, we will guide you through the various features and functionalities of the BigChange Schedule. This includes understanding the different views and filters available to help you manage your resources and jobs effectively.

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The Display Menu

Understanding the Display Menu

The DISPLAY Menu is where you can view and filter your jobs for resources. The system defaults to showing all jobs in Daily view, but this can be changed to Weekly, Monthly, and List views.

Daily View

  1. Provides a list of Resources selected to appear on the Schedule.
  2. Toggle between viewing the schedule by Resources or Vehicles by selecting the relevant icon.
  3. Offers various filters to narrow down the information you need.

schedule view 1.png


Daily View Filters

  1. Resources With/Without Jobs: See which resources have jobs or are free.
  2. Resources With Job at Risk: Identify jobs at risk due to delays or other issues.
  3. Resource Group: Filter by specific resource groups like Electrician or Engineer.
  4. Skill: Identify resources with specific skills required for a job. For example: Who is Gas Safe trained.
  5. Attribute: See vehicles with specific attributes like a hiab, side loader, tow bar.
  6. Full Screen: Toggle between views with or without the header menu.
  7. Job Duration Planned/Actual: This allows you to see how resources are performing against the planned schedule and where there are discrepancies.
  8. Job Colour Status/Flags: Understand job statuses through colour codes. Please see seperate article on Schedule colours and icons.
  9. Job Label: Choose which information to display on a scheduled job.
  10. Popup Label: Select additional information to appear in popups.
  11. Scale: Choose time increments relevant to your business day.
  12. Zoom: Adjust the viewing screen size preference.
  13. Reset filters: Select this to clear all of the filters you have applied. 
  14. Save current view as favourite: This enables you to save the filters you've applied as a favorite view. By using the Favorite Views icon schedule view 5.png in the main menu, you can easily return to this specific view in the schedule without needing to reapply the filters. Please refer to the article on Favourite Views for more information.
schedule view 4.png

Some examples of the above filters/settings:

schedule view 7.png Job label: Here's an example where the job label By was set to "City."

schedule view 8.png


By Name (defult)

schedule view 16.png


By City

schedule view 9.png


schedule view 6.png Popup Label: Here's an example where the popup label was set to "Reference."

schedule view 3.png schedule view 2.png


schedule view 12.png Scale: Here's an example of adjusting the time increments on the schedule, which are indicated by the grey vertical lines. It's important to note that when you drag and drop a job onto the schedule, it will automatically align with the nearest increment line. These increments are 5/15/30/60 minutes segments.

schedule view 10.png schedule view 11.png


Additional Actions in Daily View

  • Use the 'burger menu/3 line menu' next to a Resource/Vehicle icon for actions like 'Unallocate all jobs' or 'Reassign all jobs'.

schedule view 13.png


  1. Weekly view: Switches the schedule to a weekly view with just the touch of a button.
  2. Show journey: This option displays a colour Gantt chart with color blocks below the resource schedule, illustrating the tracking data.
  3. View jobs on map: This displays the jobs on a map for the day.
  4. Opitimise route: This opens the Route Optimiser. For more details, please refer to the article on Route Optimiser.
  5. Reassign all jobs: This option enables you to reassign all the resource's jobs to either another day or another resource. It's a convenient feature for quickly reassigning multiple jobs.
  6. Unallocate all jobs: This option will unassign all jobs scheduled from that day, moving them back to UNSCHEDULED JOBS
  7. Cancel all jobs: This option allows you to cancel all jobs for the resource for the day in a single bulk action.


Some examples of the above resource 3 line menu options:

schedule view 17.png- Show journey - This option displays a colour Gantt chart with color blocks below the resource schedule, illustrating the tracking data.

schedule view 14.png

  • Green: The resource is en route to a job.
  • Blue: The resource is driving but not heading to a job.
  • Purple: The resource is on-site and actively working on a job.
  • Red: The resource is stationary.


schedule view 18.png - Show on map - This displays the jobs on a map for the day.

schedule view 15.png


Other Schedule Views

Weekly View

  • Select the Weekly View to see jobs scheduled or completed within the selected week.
  • Choose to view a group, a single resource, or specified individual resources.
  • Use filters to tailor the display according to your requirements.

schedule view 19.png


Monthly View

  • Similar to Weekly View, but for a monthly period.
  • Select resources individually or have all selected.
  • Use filter options on the side menu to tailor the data.

schedule view 20.png


List View

  • Provides an overview of all jobs and their status over a period.
  • Offers various search and filter options to narrow down the information.

schedule view 21.png


List View Filters

  1. View: View by single jobs or Group Jobs.
  2. Search: Search for a job via different reference fields.
  3. Allocation: View jobs that have been Allocated/Unallocated/Actioned/Unactioned.
  4. Financial: View by Financially incomplete or complete jobs.
  5. Contact: View jobs by specific customer.
  6. Job Site: View jobs by the site where the job is to take place.
  7. Job Type: Narrow the search by a specific Job Type.
  8. Job Category: Search by Job Category like Maintenance.
  9. Job Group's Category: Search by Job Group Category like Electrical Service.
  10. Resource: Search by all resources or selected ones.
  11. Resource Group: Search by Resource Group like Electricians.
  12. Job Status: View jobs by status like cancelled or completed.
  13. Customer Activity: Filter by the stage the job is at with the customer.
  14. Flag: Search for flag attributes customised in the back office.
  15. From/To Date: Define the period for searching jobs.
  16. Add a Filter: Add a custom field filter.
  17. Display: Select how many jobs to view per page.
  18. Reset filters: Select this to clear all of the filters you have applied. 
  19. Save current view as favourite: This enables you to save the filters you've applied as a favorite view.
  20. Import: Import jobs into the system.
  21. Export CSV: Export selected fields to a CSV file.
  22. More Options: Cancel all jobs in view, batch schedule up to 100 jobs, or send an email to all in view.


Customising List View

  • Select the ‘Columns’ option at the top to customise how much or little information appears.




Understanding the BigChange Schedule and its various views and filters can significantly enhance your ability to manage resources and jobs effectively. Use the different views and filters to tailor the information to your specific needs. For more detailed information on specific features, refer to the separate articles available in the Help Centre.


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