Understanding Schedule Icons and Colours

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In BigChange, icons and colours play a crucial role in providing quick visual cues about job statuses, constraints, and resource information on the schedule. This article will help you understand the significance of various icons and colours used within the BigChange Job Management System.




Schedule display colours

Daily View (all Resources)

Schedule - icons 2.png

  1. Not so much a colour but these numbers indicate the time over a 24hr period (daily view).
  2. Greyed out section is time not allocated as working hours (This is setup in the Resource Admin).
  3. White section 'Working hours' (This is setup in the Resource Admin).
  4. Coloured block (colour is customisable) indicates an approved absence.
  5. Pattened section (colour is customisable) indicates an absence has been requested but not yet approved.
  6. Blue line indicated the current time.

Resource Colours


Resource icon colours indicate different statuses of the resources.

Schedule - icons 7.png

The full range of Resource colours and their meanings are:

res-grey.png Grey: No activity on timesheet
res-green.png Green: Start work on timesheet
res-red.png Red: Resource is late to start a job
res-other.png Additional Colors: These additional colours allow for visual identification of different timesheet activities. For example, pink (as shown) could be used to indicate 'lunch' or 'Training.'

If you hover over an icon it will show more information, such as a timesheet activity currently in progress.

Shedule icons a.png

Addional Tmesheet Activities -

To set this up, navigate to [Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin settingsFormsTimesheet Activities → Select Group (added per group) → Add

Schedule - icons 8.png

Time Colours

Schedule - icons 10.png

Time colours refer to the timings in green and purple at the far right of a job on the Schedule view. Their meanings are:

Schedule - icons 9.png


Schedule - icons 11.png

Green Time Colour: Indicates total driving duration

Schedule - icons 12.png

Purple Time Colour: Indicates total job duration

These may alter depending on whether 'Planned' or 'Actual' is selected on Schedule → Display → Job Duration.

Job background Colours

In BigChange, job background colors can represent various job statuses (Default), job flags or job types. You can switch the view by going to the DISPLAY filters and selecting one of the Job colour radio buttons.

Schedule - icons 13.png

The full range of job colours and their meanings are:

Job Statuses



  • Red: job was completed with issues.
  • Green: job was completed (no issues).
  • Black: job is paused/suspended.
  • Purple: job has started (not yet completed).
  • Dark green: resource is driving to job.
  • Pink: job was refused by the resource.
  • Lilac: job has been accepted by the resource.
  • Teal: job has been sent to a device/resource.
  • Grey: scheduled jobs appear in grey on the schedule until the job is received by a device/resource.
  • Pale grey: Unschedule (not allocated to a resource).


  • Faded: if the resource is assisting someone else on a job, it will appear as faded on their schedule.
Schedule Tab - 23.jpg


Job Flags

By selecting the Job flag colour radio button in the DISPLAY filters, the jobs on the schedule will be displayed in the colour of their respective job flags. Any jobs that do not have an associated job flag will appear in grey.

  • Please read the separate article for more information on Job flags.
Schedule - icons 14.png Schedule - icons 15.png


Job Types

By selecting the Job type colour radio button in the DISPLAY filters, the jobs on the schedule will be displayed in the colour of their respective job type. Any jobs that do not have an associated job type colour will appear in grey.

  • Please read the separate article for more information on Job types.
Schedule - icons 16.png Schedule - icons 17.png

 Other Job colour meanings

  • Primary Resource Colour: Indicates the primary resource assigned to the job.
  • Assistant Resource Colour: A faded version of the primary colour indicates that the resource is acting as an assistant on the job.

Schedule - icons 18.png

Job Outline Colours

There are three outline colours: red, green, and turquoise. Their meanings are as follows:

Schedule - icons 19.png Green: job has been confirmed by the customer
Schedule - icons 20.png Green: job has been confirmed by the customer
Schedule - icons 21.png

Turquoise Outline: invoice has been sent to the customer.


If an invoice is created against a group job, the outline for all jobs within the group will be updated to turquoise. Even though the individual jobs are not invoiced. However, if you create an invoice for a single job within the group, then the outline colour of that job only will be updated to turquoise.


Job Icons and their meanings

When there are issues around a job on the Schedule, a small icon will appear on top of the job in question. Each icon signifies something different. Hovering over an icon will display its meaning:

Icons used on the schedule

Shedule-icons-late.png Red alarm clock - indicates a job was late to start.
Schedule - icons 24.png Red hammer/spanner - if job has a vehicle or resource constraint against it but this hasn’t been taken into account (for example, the job needs a digger but only a normal car has been scheduled for the job or a job requiring a specific resource skill but the resource doesnt  have that skill), this icon will be shown above it on the schedule as a warning; hover over it and it will tell you what is required for that job.
Schedule - icons 23.png Red clock - if a job has been planned for a time that doesn’t work in terms of the constraints saved against the job (for example, the job has been scheduled outside of the contact’s access hours), then a red clock icon will be shown as a warning.
Schedule - icons 22.png Red person – if a job has a resource constraint against it (e.g. only John Smith can complete the job) but a different resource has been assigned it, a red person icon will appear above it as a warning. 


Schedule - icons 25.png

Red clock - indicates that this job is overdue and has exceeded the time constraints applied to it.


Orange text below the job details, alerts you to the overdue time constraint deadline.

Schedule - icons 26.png

Orange clock - indicates that this job should be scheduled as soon as possible, as it is nearing its time constraint deadline.


Orange text below the job details, alerts you to the approaching time constraint deadline.

Schedule - icons 27.png

Job Flags - Applying job flags to jobs can also serves as a visual indicator in the unscheduled jobs section of the schedule.

Icon used on the schedule - driving chevrons

Shedule icons c.png

Grey: Sufficient travel time between jobs

Shedule-icons-late.png Red: Indicates insufficient driving time to arrive at a job on time, even with adjustments.
Shedule icons d.png Blue: Insufficient driving time between jobs
Shedule icons b.png Blue Exclamation Triangle: Hovering over this icon on your schedule (which appears above blue chevrons) will display the driving duration to a job.


Understanding the icons and colours in BigChange is essential for efficiently managing your jobs and resources. By familiarising yourself with these visual cues, you can quickly identify job constraints, resource statuses, and other important information. For further customisation, follow the provided navigation steps to tailor the system to your business needs.


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