Schedule numbers, icons and colours

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When there are issues around a job on the Schedule, a small icon will appear on top of the job in question, with each icon signifying something different. 

Hovering over an icon will display the meaning:

Schedule Tab - 16.png The appearance of this icon will be linked to a constraint within the job eg a specific certification may be required which this resource doesn't have.
Schedule Tab - 17.png This indicates insufficient driving time allowance has been left between jobs
Schedule Tab - 18.png This icon indicates that the job should not be scheduled for this time, either because of a job constraint or because of other planned jobs.
Schedule Tab - 19.png This indicates that the job is at risk because of a late start.
Schedule Tab - 20.png This icon shows that the job requires a resource with a certain skill or from a specific  business area, in the example shown above it is 'Implementor'.


Schedule Tab - 21.png



There are a number of set colours employed within Jobwatch and additional ones available to you to customise your own site.

Background colours

These are the colours that appear as the background of the jobs, eg

Schedule Tab - 22.png

The full range of job colours and their meanings are:

Schedule Tab - 23.jpg


Where the job appears in a 'faded' version on the Schedule, this indicates that the Resource you are viewing is acting as an assistant on this job.  In the example below, (1) is the primary resource and (2) is the assistant: Schedule Tab - 24.png


It is also possible to tailor the system by adding additional colours which are useful to your business. To set up Job Flags

  • Navigate to:[Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin Settings [side menu]Schedule Job FlagsAdd.


Resource Colours

Schedule Tab - 25.png

The colour in which the Resource icon displays indicates different things eg:

indicates that the Resource is currently on schedule. The full range of Resource colours and their meanings are:


Schedule Tab - 26.png

It is also possible to tailor the system by adding additional icon colours which are useful to your business. To set up a personalised Resource colour

  • Navigate to:[Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin SettingsFormsTimesheet ActivitiesResource GroupAdd.

Outline Colours

There are 3 outline colours: red, green and turquoise. Their meanings are as follows:

Schedule Tab - 27.png

If an invoice is created against a group job, the outline for all jobs within the group will be updated to turquoise. Even though the individual jobs are not invoiced. However, if you create an invoice for a single job within the group, then the outline colour of that job only will be updated to turquoise.

Time colours

Time colours refer to the timings in green and purple at the far right of a job on the Schedule view. Their meanings are:

Schedule Tab - 28.png

 These may alter depending on whether 'Planned' or 'Actual' is selected on ScheduleDisplayJob Duration.