Managing Unscheduled Jobs

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This article provides a guide on how to manage unscheduled jobs in BigChange. Understanding how to navigate and organise these jobs is crucial for efficient workflow management.


Viewing and Hiding All Unscheduled Jobs

Unscheduled jobs can be viewed or hidden by selecting on 'View All/Hide All'.

This allows you to toggle the view between job category headings and all uncategorised jobs.

unscheduled1.png unscheduled2.png


 Categorising Unscheduled Jobs

If a job category is set when a job is created, the job will appear under the appropriate job category heading. If not, it will be listed in the "Uncategorised" section.


  • To add additional job categories, navigate to:
    • [Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin Settings → [side menu] ScheduleJob categories.



Importing an Excel Data File of Jobs

The Import icon allows you to import an Excel data file of jobs. Selecting the import icon will open a new popup window. Select the desired file and click to import.



Sorting Unscheduled Jobs

Within each category, the unscheduled jobs are sorted in the following order:

  1. Job Due Date
  2. Latest update activity on the job i.e. jobs due to start soonest will be displayed at the top
  3. Jobs ordered by their latest job activity date oldest to newest.


Managing unscheduled jobs in BigChange is a straightforward process. By understanding how to view, categorise, import, and sort these jobs, you can ensure efficient workflow management. Remember, the key to successful job management is organisation and regular updates.