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In this article, we will guide you through the various ways to interact with jobs in BigChange. You will learn how to review job details, hover for summaries, and drag jobs to reschedule them. This will help you efficiently manage your schedule and ensure all tasks are up-to-date.

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Read our Support article about changes we are making, New BigChange Navigation Bar – BigChange


When reviewing your schedule, selecting a job will display more detailed information and available options related to the job:


  • Date / Resource assigned / Contact name / Job type / Contact address
  • Time from / to
  • Map
  • View
  • Job card (on completed or started jobs)
  • Email confirmation / Cancel (on jobs yet to start)


Job Summary

When reviewing your schedule, hovering over a job icon with the mouse will display a summary of the job. This quick view allows you to see essential details without selecting the job.


Additional Hover Opportunities

Depending on which view you are using to view your schedule, there are other opportunities to hover over icons to reveal information. This feature helps you quickly gather information without navigating away from your current view.

Hover over resource icons Hover over job warning icons Hover over absences
schedule-view-26.png schedule-view-27.png schedule-view-28.png


Moving Jobs

Jobs can easily be moved or edited by dragging them. Simply select a job, hold, and slide it into place somewhere else in the schedule. This feature allows for quick adjustments to your schedule.

Rescheduling Confirmed Jobs
If the job has already been confirmed by the contact, you will need to re-send the email confirmation. A popup reminder will ask you to confirm that you want to reschedule it. If you confirm the change, the job outline will revert to red (unconfirmed) from green (confirmed).


By understanding how to navigate and manage jobs in BigChange, you can efficiently handle your schedule and ensure all tasks are properly updated. Remember to review job details, use the hover feature for quick summaries, and drag jobs to reschedule them as needed. For more detailed guidance, visit our Help Centre at [insert URL].


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