Setting Up and Sending Job Confirmation Emails

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This article provides a guide on how to set up and send confirmation emails within BigChange. This feature is crucial for confirming appointments with customers, ensuring smooth communication and efficient scheduling.


Setting up a confirmation email within Admin Settings

Once a job has been created and appears on the schedule, you may want to confirm the appointment with the customer. Here's how to setup a email template.

  • Navigate to Top menu] Profile (icon)
  • Admin settings
  • [Side meu] Account > Templates
  • Add



  • A new window will open, allowing you to create a custom template and customise the confirmation email.
  • By adding your company logo and keywords you can create a bespoke looking email.


  • You can include a tracking link for the customer to track the resource en route to the job. To do this you can edit your Template by navigating to:
    • [Top menu] Profile (icon) > Admin Setting > [Side menu] Account > Templates.
    • Open the Job confirmation email template and select the Keywords icon, then the Jobs tab and select the Keyword Tracking link


  • Save your template.

Please Note - Before you can use the template within the system you need to set a usage to tell the system where you would like this template to be used. To do this:

  • Navigate back into your email template you have just created.
  • Select Edit.
  • Select the Usage Tab (top right) 
  • Add
  • Choose the following from the drop down lists and then Save.



Sending a confirmation email from Schedule

Once a job has been created and appears on the schedule, you can confirm the appointment with the customer by:

  • Select the job on the schedule and then select ‘Send confirmation’.


  • A pop-up will appear allowing you to customise the confirmation email. The contact’s email address will auto-populate, but you can add other persons or cc in other email addresses


  • The confirmation email received by the customer will allow them to confirm the job time/date. The customer must click on the link provided in the email to confirm their receipt of the job and accept the scheduled time/date. They can add a note to their confirmation as well
  • The email also comes with a calendar attachment, which allows them to add the appointment to their Outlook calendar.


  • Once the customer has confirmed via the link, the resource allocated to the job will receive an email confirming that the customer has confirmed the job, and the job will appear with a green outline on your schedule

Now that the job has been confirmed, two things will happen: a) The resource allocated to the job will receive an email advising them that the job has now been confirmed by the customer. b) The job will now appear with a green outline on your schedule (prior to being confirmed, it has a red outline).


Job prior to confirmation73.png

Job once it has been confirmed



Setting up and sending confirmation emails in BigChange is a straightforward process that enhances communication with customers and ensures efficient scheduling. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your customers are well-informed about their appointments and that your schedule is accurately updated.