Creating and Editing Worksheets

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Worksheets are the groups of questions that you can attach to a job and represent a paperless alternative to the documentation more traditionally used by mobile workers. Capturing important information is not only simple with BigChange Worksheets but they offer you a fantastic opportunity to add information through different formats, such as photos, icons, videos and optical character recognition (OCR).

Worksheets can be completed by three types of audience: ‘Resources’ (tablet users), ‘Back Office’ (web site users), or via the ‘Booking Site’ (the customer).


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To find out more about which file types are supported, read Adding Files & Attachments in JobWatch.


To create or edit worksheets:

  • Navigate to:[Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin SettingsEITHER [quick links] Manage Worksheets OR [side menu] Schedule → Worksheets

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 Worksheets can be allocated to different groups through the Group field and searched for via a  ‘Group’ filter, enabling speedy retrieval.


In the worksheet administration section you will be able to see/carry out the following actions:


  1. View the name of the worksheet.
  2. View the Group it belongs to
  3. View the stage by which completion is required by ‘Back Office’ users.
  4. View the stage by which completion is required by ‘Resources’.
  5. Identify whether a worksheet is locked or not. If a worksheet is locked, changes cannot be made and the worksheet cannot be deleted. Only the user who locked it can unlock it to make changes.
  6. Duplicate a worksheet including any questions and conditional branching - useful if you want the same Worksheet for a different Group or Job type.
  7. Lock the worksheet so that it can be edited or deleted.
  8. Open up the worksheet and edit it. Please note that if you edit a worksheet, it will be changed for all jobs which contain this worksheet, whether or not the job has been completed.
  9. Delete the worksheet. Please note that if you delete the worksheet, it will be removed from any jobs it has been completed against as well as any jobs which are yet to be completed.

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