Copying a Worksheet for Multiple Consignments/Stock Items

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When carrying out a job where a number of items of stock or equipment are required but use the same worksheet, it is useful to be able to copy the answers for one item against the others in order to save time whilst at the job.  This can be achieved as follows:

  • Navigate to:[Top menu]Profile (icon) → Admin Settings Schedule → Jobs

1. Populate the fields with the appropriate job information if creating a new job type and click to Save.

32.png 2. Now move on to the Device tab and click on the tickbox "Allow copy of worksheet for multiple consignments/stock items":

33.png 3.  Create worksheets by:

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon) Admin SettingsSchedule WorkSheets Add,

then create a Worksheet as desired, as in the example below where the WorkSheet is entitled 'Bathroom Installation':

34.png 4.  When a piece of stock/equipment is created in the Stock & Equipment side menu (and not consumable - untick the box), add the worksheet to be attributed to it when (1) the  movement is Ok and (2) the movement is not Ok.

In the example shown below, the Bathroom Worksheet will be required to be completed for each Vanity Unit with a successful movement, and Bathroom Installation Worksheet will be required to be completed for each Vanity Unit assigned to the job without a successful movement:

35.png 5.  Now create a job in the usual way Schedule → New job

Please note that the worksheets added in the field below (and default worksheets on job types), is for the overall job and therefore refers Worksheet(s) that will be raised against the entire job, as opposed to the stock/equipment Worksheet(s) which are attributed (in stage 4 above) against each item:

36.png 6.  Next, move onto the add Stock and Equipment tab to add items to be used in this job, item by item, as required:

37.png38.png 7. The job will appear on the remote worker's device and can be processed as usual but upon completion, they will now be able to click on any of the stock or equipment items and a checkbox will appear against all of them, as seen in the example below:

39.png Please note that this will only be the case for the main resource and will not be available on an assistant's device.

8.  Ticking the checkboxes against all of the items will now mean that completing a worksheet for one will result in a completed worksheet being registered against all.